Everything Is Racist — DACA Deal Edition

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Scott Greer Contributor
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Left-wing activists declared a lot of things to be racist over the weekend.

President Trump’s immigration plan to give 1.8 million illegal aliens in exchange for wall funding and the elimination of chain migration is a “white supremacist ransom note.” (RELATED: Trump Provokes Democrats Into Showing Their True Colors On Immigration)

Using the term “chain migration” instead of the more positive-sounding “family reunification” helps white supremacists.

And, most surprisingly of all, The New York Times somehow turned into a “white supremacist” publication over one Ross Douthat column.

Douthat, one of the few conservative columnist NYT has, wrote a defense of White House adviser Stephen Miller participating in immigration negotiations between the Trump administration and Congress. He urged liberals to allow immigration restrictionists like Miller to play a role in setting policy and make a compromise with them over the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) program.

Most controversially, Douthat expressed sympathy with the arguments put forward to reduce immigration to the U.S. “The foreign-born share of the U.S. population is near a record high, and increased diversity and the distrust it sows have clearly put stresses on our politics,” he wrote.

While saying this, Douthat ultimately pleads for a compromise that all sides can agree on, even it means immigration stays at the same rate. All he is saying is that the viewpoints of immigration restrictions should be heard in policy debates.

For this milquetoast opinion, the NYT conservative was branded a vile white supremacist.

“NYT is now a white supremacist paper. The multiple Nazi puff pieces, constant pro-Trump PR, and praise for Miller on today of all days is not exceptional — it’s the guiding ideology of the paper. I don’t think every writer there shares it, but it dominates coverage #Unsubscribe,” tweeted popular liberal writer Sarah Kendzior. (RELATED: Liberals Livid With New York Times For Pro-Stephen Miller Opinion Piece)

That insane tweet earned thousands of retweets and likes and embodied the feeling of many liberals who couldn’t believe someone would dare express sympathy for the views of Stephen Miller in America’s paper of record. Heresy must not be tolerated.

Obviously, Ross Douthat is not a white supremacist, and believing The New York Times is a white supremacist publication is just as wacky as thinking you were the victim of an alien abduction.

But these aren’t cranks living out in their parents’ basements making these claims against the Times — they’re people with large platforms who are frequently invited to appear on MSNBC and contribute articles to America’s most respectable publications.

Have liberals gone mad, or are they disingenuously making these asinine arguments for partisan gain?

While there are certainly people on the Left losing their senses over Trump’s presidency, the vicious attack on Douthat and the Times reflects how liberals are trying to ruthlessly police the immigration debate.

Rather than having a real discussion, liberals are coming to arrogant conclusions that desiring any reduction in immigration is racist, wanting a wall is racist, saying chain migration is racist and having anything remotely nice to say about Stephen Miller is racist.

Democrats don’t want to give the opposing side anything in return in a “deal” to permanently legalize illegal aliens who came to the U.S. as minors. Additionally, Democrats insist that it isn’t enough to legalize nearly two million dreamers, the government must also give amnesty to the Dreamers’ family members. In exchange for all this, Democrats will only hand over a small amount for border security, but no wall, no cut to chain migration and no mandatory e-verify.

Even though Democrats and their allies in the press declare Trump’s plan is akin to a giant Ku Klux Klan rally, most Americans actually agree with it. A new Harvard-Harris poll shows that 65 percent Americans support giving Dreamers amnesty in exchange for the wall, eliminating chain migration and other immigration restrictions.

To boot, 81 percent of Americans are open to immigration being reduced in the country, with majorities among all races sharing this opinion. (RELATED: Dem Response To Trump’s Immigration Plan Is Wildly Out Of Touch With American Voters)

Awfully odd that African-Americans and Latinos support a “campaign to make America white again.

Liberals are not representing the mainstream of America when they condemn common views on immigration as retrograde bigotry. They are shutting down discussion on a topic because it is in their own political interest to do so.

Democrats are now openly bragging that more immigration means more votes for them. “The Hispanic vote in Texas will continue to increase. By 2024 Democrats can win Texas, Arizona and Florida. A big blue wall of 78 electoral votes,” rising Democratic star Julian Castro said last week. It’s clear that Democrats see more immigration as beneficial to their electoral fortunes, and they want no limits on it.

The Left has succeeded in making sure journalists and politicians only say undocumented immigrants when they mean illegal aliens, a boon to their side in the immigration. Liberals are now hoping to replicate that success by making immigration reduction a topic beyond the pale of polite discussion. The only acceptable positions in the debate are the status quo, or full-on open borders.

This endeavor obviously won’t work on Trump and his supporters, but it will still shape how the establishment media treats the issue and defines its boundaries. No matter how moderate you make your support for reducing the current level of immigration, you will be labeled a white supremacist by the chattering class.

Good luck trying to get a serious immigration deal out of this political climate.

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