The Milwaukee Brewers Have An Offensive Name To The People Of Wisconsin

(Photo by Brian Kersey/Getty Images)

David Hookstead Sports And Entertainment Editor
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It’s time to change the name of the Milwaukee Brewers and end the hurtful stereotypes they perpetuate about the people of Wisconsin.

ESPN pundit Max Kellerman had the bravery and courage to call for and end to Notre Dame’s Fighting Irish mascot. We haven’t seen bravery of this nature in my lifetime. Major props to Kellerman for leading by example.

He inspired me to take the movement and action one step further. I am sick and tired of Milwaukee’s MLB team being called the Brewers. Do you think people in my Wisconsin like being reminded of our epic drinking culture? Do you think it’s funny to ostracize people all in the name of a baseball team? Does the fact we can crush cases of beer, hit the bars for a dozen more and hopefully find a lady by the end of the night seem like something to make light of?

Sure, I can suck down Miller Lites better than just about anybody on the planet, but why should I ever have to be reminded of this when I watch baseball? When I see the Brewers I’m reminded that there are bars on pretty much every street corner. Is that awesome? You bet every dollar you have in the bank it is, but that’s my culture. It’s damn sure not yours, and it’s not a joke.

You think my ancestors threw ragers, did keg stands, shotgunned beers and never let the party stop so that the MLB and people from around the country could pin our accomplishments on a baseball jersey? I’m sickened, and I won’t stand for this garbage anymore.

Do you really think the fact that drinking in Wisconsin at any age with your guardian is worth celebrating or promoting in your oppressive Capitalistic society? Sure, 15 year old Stevie’s a 12 pack deep at the Packer’s game. How about a call for help instead of making us a baseball team? It’s shameful and embarrassing.

I once saw a guy do a keg stand for a full 60 seconds. AND YES, he went on to hook up with the hottest woman at the party, but I feel that as a sign of a serious problem in the Wisconsin culture. I don’t see it as something to mock by having the Milwaukee Brewers remind us daily that we just rage harder than the rest of the country.

Some days I just want to take some time off and forget about where I come from. Instead, I turn on the television and am instantly reminded about that one time in college when I shotgunned six straight beers after Wisconsin made the Final Four. It was horrifying. This is a pain the rest of America will never understand because we can drink them under the table by noon. They have no idea how lucky they are to not have a state with the most famous party culture on the planet.

Now change the damn name. The people of Wisconsin have suffered enough.

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