Tom Brady Wore One Glove To Media Day [PHOTOS]

REUTERS/Kevin Lamarque

Jena Greene Reporter
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Tom Brady wore one singular glove to Super Bowl media day Tuesday and everybody went wild.

It’s a noticeable change from recent weeks, when the four time MVP wore two gloves to an interview and sent the media absolutely reeling.

It’s worth noting that Brady started media day with two gloves on but subtly took the one off his left hand — the allegedly uninjured one — halfway through.

Just look at him shaking the Eagles’ hands with one glove like it’s most normal thing in the world.

This leads me to believe that he had a very clear game plan when he arrived in Minneapolis. You see, to a team like the Patriots, winning starts to become boring after a while. By the time you’re arriving for your eighth Super Bowl in one millennium, it loses its luster. You have to make up games to keep yourself interested. Because you can’t be caught dozing in the middle of a presser. That would be a bad look.

So at this point, you’ve just gotta hand it to Brady. It doesn’t matter if you’re the most die hard Eagles fan in the continental US. His troll game is A+. Pair that with Belichick’s uncharacteristic get-up when he stepped off the plane in full gangster garb and you have yourself a category 5 media storm.

Did Tom Brady and Bill Belichick plan this? Who knows. I’ve come to doubt most things the Pats do are accidental. One thing’s for sure though, their ability to whip the media into a frenzy is unsurpassed. And whoever convinced Belichick to trade the cutoff sweatshirt for the classic Sinatra look deserves a raise.

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