11 Celebrities Who Got Nose Jobs [SLIDESHOW]


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Some celebrity nose jobs are under speculation, but those listed in this slideshow have been confirmed, and you won’t hear any judgment from our side.

We know how harsh the media can be when critiquing the physical appearances of the famous men and women they follow. We also understand how annoying a deviated septum can be, especially for the significant other of a heavy snorer.

Nose job or natural (but probably nose job) — shocking or obvious — these celebrities have stunned both the screen and the stage despite having initially undesirable genetics. At least they have enough money for options, right?

There you have it. From obvious rhinoplasty operations like that of Caitlyn Jenner’s to the subtler surgeries like that of Scarlett Johansson, these noses are the fake real deal.

So, if you have the money of a famous actress and the bone structure of a Roman warrior, consider using one of these icons’ portraits to inspire your doctor.