Palestinian Protesters Attack US Diplomats In Bethlehem Forcing Them To Flee

Liam Clancy Reporter
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A delegation of American diplomats in Bethlehem was attacked by a group of Palestinian protestors Tuesday, forcing the diplomats to flee the scene, according to the The Times Of Israel.

The protestors were angry with President Trump’s decision to recognize Jerusalem as the capital of Israel. One protestor held a sign saying “Zionism = Nazism = Fascism” and “USA = ISIS = Terror.”

The mob of protesters first stormed the delegation’s meeting, shouting at and harassing the Americans present. The mob then kicked and punched the diplomats’ car as they fled.

Ruptly captured footage of the incident.


The American diplomats were invited by the Bethlehem Chamber of Commerce to give a presentation regarding digital commerce.

“We were surprised when a number of angry protesters held an extraordinary protest, which forced us to end the course and for the American trainer to leave immediately with the American consulate delegation,” Samir Hazboun, head of the Bethlehem Chamber of Commerce, told AFP.