RGIII Weighs In On Redskins Trading For Alex Smith With Great Response

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David Hookstead Sports And Entertainment Editor
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Robert Griffin III didn’t seem overly happy that the Washington Redskins traded for Alex Smith.

The trade was executed late Tuesday night, and that means current starter Kirk Cousins is going to walk. I haven’t spoken to a ton of Redskins fans yet, but the overwhelming sense is that the fanbase is not pleased with the decision to let Cousins leave.

Well, RGIII seems to think he’s about to be the target of the criticism. He tweeted a couple hours after the trade, “Some how…Some way…they will blame this on me. No doubt.”

I can’t tell if this is a very self aware tweet, or if RGIII is just trying to make this about himself to get some attention.

The critics are probably going to lean towards the latter option, but I’m leaning heavily towards the first. He knows his days in the NFL are over, he’s a highly intelligent guy and he’s probably just cracking a joke about the situation. He’s not dumb enough to seriously inject himself into a situation where he’s unneeded and unwanted.

You also have to feel for RGIII. The guy looked like he was about to be an NFL superstar, but his career was very quickly derailed by injuries. Now he’s just kind of hanging around and not doing much. Maybe there’s a spot for him next to Johnny Manziel in the XFL. That’s a game I’d watch for sure.

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