Chicago Cops Accused Of Rolling Drug Dealers: Report


David Krayden Ottawa Bureau Chief
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According to unnamed sources, the FBI is investigating a Chicago police team for allegedly stealing money from drug dealers they were supposed to be chasing. Charges against those implicated may be pending.

The Chicago Tribune is reporting Wednesday that sources in the Chicago Police Department have confirmed an investigation by the FBI and the police’s Internal Affairs Division into the Area Central gang team that is responsible for the city’s South Side and a portion of the West Side. At least one sergeant and several other offices are alleged to be targeted in the corruption.

Those under investigation have had their law enforcement responsibilities suspended and at least two of the suspects have had their homes searched on Tuesday, according to the report.

A neighbor of one of the officers allegedly under investigation recorded a video sequence on Tuesday that documents the arrival of FBI agents  at the the suspect’s house. The agents appeared driving an armored car and dressed in battle gear. The footage shows them entering the home via the front door.

“They were going around and knocking on everyone’s doors, telling people not to go outside,” an anonymous neighbor told the Tribune.

Sources told the Tribune that the sergeant suspected was once a part of a joint FBI task force. The investigation allegedly started after a drug dealer informant claimed the police squad held him up for money.

The Tribune has obtained the names of those under investigation but is not realeasing them, pending the issuance of charges.

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