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HorizonTech Falcon Sub Ohm Tank: Includes 4 Different Coil Materials

Kevin Krilla Vape Reporter
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HorizonTech’s Falcon sub ohm tank has an e-juice capacity of 5ml. It comes with 4 different types of coils, which include: a 70% cotton/30% wood pulp coil, a natural flax fiber coil, a mix of flax fiber and flax paper and a 30% wood pulp/70% cotton with a mesh coil. Each of these types of coils have their own specific benefits. But each of them soak up e-juice that is then heated to produce vapor and flavor. The Falcon tank features a top filling system and a bottom airflow control system that can be adjusted. It comes in 6 different colors.

The video included below is a review of the Falcon tank. The reviewer explains how it functions and gives his overall opinion on it. He says, ” The different coil options really make this tank unique, and the design looks really good.” As far as the vape quality, he observes the flavor and vapor production to be very good. In the few days he had used the Falcon tank, there has not be any leaking whatsoever. He recommends this tank especially for those vapers that would like to try these different coil materials without the need to build them. They all come in pre-made structures like you would typically see in any other pre-made coil.

HorizonTech’s Falcon sub ohm tank on sale for $24.90