Katy Tur Goes Full Conspiracy Theorist, Compares Nunes To Snowden — ‘He Was Labelled A TRAITOR’

Left: MSNBC screenshot, Katy Tur Right: Photo by Alexander Koerner/Getty Images

Justin Caruso Contributor
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MSNBC host Katy Tur likened Republican congressman Devin Nunes to Edward Snowden on Thursday — and used the T-word in the process.

“When Edward Snowden did that, he was labelled a traitor,” she said.


“One more thing before we go,” Tur said.

“A reminder as we wait for the release of this memo that the Republican Party’s very public war with the FBI is not normal. My colleague Ken Dilanian pointed out, it is not normal for the FBI and D.O.J. to publicly object to the release of a document that the White House has said should be released.” (RELATED: Katy Tur: White House ‘Sources’ Say They’re Concerned About Trump’s ‘Mental State’ [VIDEO])

“It is not normal for the GOP chair of the House Intel committee to refuse to share a classified document of mutual interest with the GOP chair of the Senate Intel Committee. It is not normal for the agency that was the source of the classified material, in this case the D.O.J. to be excluded from the declassification process. And it is not normal for anyone in the government to expose secret material that sheds light on FISA surveillance. As Ken Dilanian also noted, when Edward Snowden did that, he was labelled a traitor.”

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