Straight Out Of A Movie – Nashville Mayor Has An Affair With The Head Of Her Security Detail

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David Hookstead Sports And Entertainment Editor
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Sometimes life is stranger than fiction, and that’s the case for Nashville Mayor Megan Barry.

Barry recently admitted to having an affair with the head of her personal security detail. No, this isn’t the plot of a television show or a movie. This is very real.

The Tennessean reported the following:

Mayor Megan Barry said Wednesday she had an extramarital affair with the police officer in charge of her security detail, an extraordinary admission that rocks the popular Nashville mayor’s first term.

Barry, in an interview with The Tennessean on Wednesday afternoon, apologized “for the harm I’ve done to the people I love and the people who counted on me” but said she won’t be resigning. 

She confirmed the affair with Metro police Sgt. Robert Forrest Jr., which began in the spring or summer of 2016, just months after she entered office the previous fall. Forrest submitted his retirement papers Jan. 17. His final day was Wednesday.

This is straight out of Hollywood. When I saw this on Twitter, I actually thought it was fake. It’s obviously not, though. I’ve seen a fair number of movies where clients hook up with bodyguards.

It’s the plot of Kevin Costner and Whitney Houston’s hit movie “The Bodyguard.” Now, they weren’t having an affair in that movie, but the concept is still pretty much the same.

We also even saw a sexual angle between bodyguards and the people they protect in “House of Cards.” The entertainment industry is enamored with the idea.

I don’t want to call anybody dumb, but having sexual relations with the person who is entrusted with protecting you seems like a great way to get yourself fired. See, they always leave those pages out of the Hollywood hits.

You know that there is a very real chance a screenwriter is going to take a crack at this story. The content is simply too juicy for Hollywood to pass up on the fact the mayor of a major American city admitted to having sex with her bodyguard.

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