Smells Like Schiff: Peter King Shoots Down Dems’ Flimsy Attempts To Block Memo Release

Julia Nista General Assignment Reporter
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New York Rep. Peter King discussed California Rep. Adam Schiff’s late Wednesday night appeal to hold the memo due to “material changes” Thursday on CNN.


King described that only one person on the Republican and Democrat side each had access to read the memo, and chairman Devin Nunes did not read it in the case of a conflict of interest, so instead the Republicans had Trey Gowdy read the memo.

Director Christopher Wray had access to the memo on Sunday with another top FBI official, who “looked at it. They could find nothing wrong with it,” said King.

On Monday, Republicans sat down with two top FBI officials to go over the memo again, and there were no factual errors, according to King.

“Well you already said there was a question of fact that you needed to adjust in the memo, but Christopher Wray is now going head to head…” Cuomo stated before King cut him off.

“No, no, no, Chris, not because the fact was wrong, but because the fact was true. Not for national security, it was a protocol reason, which is totally irrelevant to this,” said King.

Cuomo then mentioned that Wray is “saying he has grave concerns” about the memo.

“Now, two days later, now they say they have a problem, they cannot find, his problem is with the conclusion, not with the facts, and certainly not at all with any national security risks. He’s concerned with the conclusion, and our conclusion is critical of the FBI, and that’s what this is all about, and they’ve refused to cooperate with us all along,” continued King.

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