YouTube’s Algorithms Continue Snaring Critics Of Political Correctness [VIDEO]

(Screenshot/YouTube: The Rubin Report)

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YouTube’s algorithms continue tripping up critics of political correctness.

Popular YouTube host Dave Rubin had another one of his videos demonetized on Thursday, preventing him from profiting off of advertisements on the video. The video was a discussion between Rubin and two other prominent critics of political correctness: Canadian professor Jordan B. Peterson and conservative commentator Ben Shapiro.

After an inquiry from The Daily Caller, YouTube remonetized the video. A YouTube spokesperson blamed the original demonetization on the platform’s algorithms. (RELATED: Google Has An Actual Secret Speech Police)

“We rely on machine learning to evaluate the millions of videos on our platform to implement those choices. But no system is perfect, so we encourage creators to appeal for a human review when they feel we got it wrong, and every appeal helps our advertising systems get smarter over time,” the spokesperson told TheDC.

Rubin has repeatedly seen his videos demonetized. YouTube will usually remonetize the videos after public complaints or media inquiries. “The question is how much revenue we lost on the 470K views due to their faulty algorithm and why I have to fight them publicly every week now,” Rubin wrote on Twitter Thursday night.

The full video can be seen below.