23 Times Barron Trump Captured Our #Mood [SLIDESHOW]


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These photos are proof that Barron Trump may just be our favorite person in the White House. Whether he is patiently waiting to get back on his phone or into the privacy of his bedroom while Dad makes another one of his long speeches, Barron is often caught looking humble and bored. He’s only eleven, after all.

But despite his age, we can’t help but feel a kind of emotional connection with the youngest Trump. Barron’s not afraid of being himself in front of the cameras, or maybe he’s just not really thinking about the cameras at all. Either way, he seems to be handling the attention very well (and by “very well” we mean ignoring it completely).

Let’s face it.

If we were in this 11-year-old’s position, would we be smiling and sitting up straight every time a camera flashed in our direction? Maybe. But we like the fact that Barron just doesn’t seem to care.