Turns Out That Aaron Rodgers Has Some Zip On His Throws

David Hookstead | Reporter

Aaron Rodgers appeared on “The Dan Patrick” show Thursday and unleashed a rocket.

Rodgers whipped the ball at Andrew Perloff’s head like it was a bullet. Perloff smartly just hit the deck.

I’m not a genius, and have never once in my life claimed to be. However, even I know that trying to drill people in the head with a football doesn’t seem like a smart idea. Have we learned nothing from CTE these past few years?

Here we are though. Classic Rodgers. Couldn’t just casually toss him the football. Aaron “I need attention” Rodgers had to try to throw it as hard as he could. Just classic from him. I’d be shocked if he’d done anything else.

We can laugh it up all we want, but I guess I just don’t find it funny that he almost took a dude’s head off. Maybe I just care more about safety and health. Shame on Rodgers. Shame, shame, shame.

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