Conor McGregor Weighs In On Floyd Mayweather Maybe Fighting In The UFC

(Photo by Harry How/Getty Images)

David Hookstead Smoke Room Editor-in-Chief
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Conor McGregor would have lots of respect for Floyd Mayweather if he ever steps in the octagon.

“If he does do it, I know he’s flirting with it, I would have respect for him,” McGregor explained to New York journalist Adam Glyn about the potential for Mayweather to get into the UFC game.

He also added, “it will follow him for the rest of his days” if Mayweather chooses to never fight in the UFC.

Well, it’s really starting to look that we’re following the exact same template from when they hyped a boxing match. Let’s hope this pulls through. It’d be so much fun to watch Mayweather and McGregor step into an octagon together.

Here’s the major takeaway from this whole situation. Mayweather is going to get crushed in a UFC fight. It won’t even be close. As I often say, it’d be over before it even began.

So, Mayweather isn’t stepping a foot in the octagon unless he’s getting paid massive money. There’s zero chance he’s get whooped for anything less than a couple hundred million bucks. Luckily, Dana White is a business genius, and is a great negotiator. I put the odds of this happening at north of 50 percent right now.

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