This 2-In-1 Memory Foam Cushion Set Is Perfect Support For Folks With Sore Necks And Backs

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Longtime Daily Dealer readers know that I have oft complained about my back pains. I have found memory foam cushions and massagers seem to be the only ways to combat these spasms. But even if you know that such a product will help relieve the pain, you need to know which one to get.

This two-piece cushion set is amazing because it comes with both a lumbar cushion and an accompanying neck pillow. The lumbar cushion is 100 percent memory foam, so it provides your back the exact amount of firmness needed to promote the spine’s natural arc. Even if you don’t have chronic back pains, this will improve your posture and prevent issues in the future. The cushion is the prize of this package, but the neck pillow is a real bonus. It’s just as soft and comfortable as the cushion and will assist whenever you want (or need) to lean back in your chair.

The best part is that this 2-piece set is just $16 with the discount code we got you: LLONBFT3.

Normally $26, this memory foam lumbar cushion is 38 percent off with this code (Photo via Amazon)

Normally $26, this memory foam lumbar cushion is 38 percent off with this code (Photo via Amazon)

Memory Foam Lumbar Cushion with Neck Pillow on sale for $15.99 with code LLONBFT3

A customer who goes by lineblack, who is one of Amazon’s top 1000 reviewers, wrote:

My husband is the main driver in our home. He is in the car quite a bit and has often complained of back pain. He had a small cushion from the couch in the car and now we see that one needs a true cushion made for this type of task. This cushion holds its place and offers great support. I have back problems and the car really puts me in pain even after one trip to the doctor. When I ride with him, I use the pillow and its helped me. I even brought it into the house one day and put no the couch. The small pillow fits easily on the headrest also.

Seventy percent of the reviewers gave it a perfect 5 out of 5 stars, so there are plenty of reviews along those same lines. If you have back or neck problems (or you want to prevent back or neck problems down the road) this is a good place to start. Especially since we got you a discount.

Wide application (Photo via Amazon)

Wide application (Photo via Amazon)

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