The Rock Responds To Dad Who Tried To Attack Larry Nassar

REUTERS/Mario Anzuoni

Jena Greene Reporter
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Early on Friday morning, a father of three girls allegedly abused by former USA Gymnastics team doctor Larry Nassar tried to attack the doctor during a hearing.

“Would you give me one minute?” Randall Margraves asks the judge before lunging at Nassar and getting tackled to the ground.

Though Margraves was apprehended by bailiffs before he was able to do any damage, the clip went viral and stirred a similar sentiment of anger across the country.

Dwanye Johnson must have seen the clip because he tweeted a not-so cryptic message for Nassar.

“We all understand this father’s action,” The Rock said just before noon this morning. “Nassar’s punishment will go far beyond sentencing. Behind bars, he’ll soon know what hell means. He’ll be well taken care of.”

Lots of people backed him up, echoing that Nassar will get whatever he deserves in a federal correctional facility.

One guy actually disagreed with Johnson on this one but WWE wrestler Scott Armstrong put him in his place.

Nassar’s high profile case has gotten all sorts of attention over the past several months but Dwayne Johnson addressing raises the stakes. The last thing I’d want is The Rock warning me of the evils that await me in prison. Those aren’t exactly comforting words.

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