You Won’t See Anything Like This At The Winter Olympics

(Photo credit: Instagram)

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Forget the Olympics, the biggest event to take place in the snow this winter has already happened.

The first annual “Kings and Queens of Corbet’s” took place in Jackson Hole, Wyoming, Thursday and featured a handful of daring contestants launched themselves off the iconic couloir. While these athletes may not be as graceful as the Olympians you’ll see in the next few weeks, they’re a whole lot more badass.

JHMR is known for its rugged landscape and challenging terrain, but only the most daring skiers on the mountain test their skills off Corbet’s Couloir. The skiers that competed out there yesterday took it to a whole other level. (SLIDESHOW: 33 Reasons Lindsey Vonn Is The Sexiest Skier Alive)

Perhaps more impressive than their jumps and the tricks was how quickly they popped back up and kept skiing after several epic wipeouts.

Not only are these guys incredible athletes, they’re straight-up insane. I’m already looking forward to next year. I may even have to fly out West to catch the next one in person.