25 Captivating Vines To Watch At 2 AM

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Vine may be dead, but we still have YouTube to remind us of all the great, six-second videos we took for granted back when life was simple. The following vines make us laugh—and there isn’t much that makes us laugh these days. We hope you enjoy them, too.

1. Kid gets excited for crazy Ronald McDonald performance

2. Baby covered in peanut butter…and happy about it.

3. Little girl whispers a disturbing truth

4. Frenemies

5. Original “Take On Me” music video

6. A beautiful combination of classical music and modern dance

7. Mother OUTRAGED with daughter’s attempt to drive her car

8. Whipped boy caught on camera

9. A common greeting used by college students

10. Whoop(s)ie cushion

11. Self-defense classes kind of pay off

12. Mailman gets caught in a music video

13. One woman’s interpretation of a poorly arranged sign

14. This kid knows how to watch his language

15. Asdfghjkl;

16. A cute awakening

17. What to do when there’s too much drama at school

18. Little boy is pleasantly surprised on Christmas morning

19. Caught

20. How we greet guests here at The Daily Caller

21. An innovative take on hitting the high notes

22. Little boy blazes it

23. Ron makes a grave mistake

24. Little girl muses over a flock of geese

25. One woman’s confusing attempt at a Jamaican accent