Charge Up To 10 Devices At Once With This USB-Port Hub

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Even been with family or a group of friends when everyone needs to charge their phone at the same time? More often than not, there are not enough ports to go around, so someone winds up with a dead phone for the rest of the day. With the Gorilla Power 10-Port 60W Charging Station, ensure you and everyone else in your life can always use their devices by charging without ever needing to wait for someone else to finish.

Normally $80, this charging station is 49 percent off

Normally $80, this charging station is 49 percent off

Gorilla Power 10-Port 60W Charging Station on sale for $39.99

In this device-driven era, one plug won’t cut it anymore. This mammoth USB hub allows anyone to charge devices with 10 dedicated USB ports that have built-in 60W of power. Meaning, you can quickly charge up to any five tablets fast and simultaneously. Plus, it can charge up to 10 smartphones, digital devices, or other gadgets at the same time.

Just think about it — you can charge your smartphone, watch, and headphones all at the same time while the rest of your family does the same in one convenient location at home. Better yet, this charging station also fits in perfectly with any office or school environment.

Pick up the Gorilla Power 10-Port 60W Charging Station for $39.99, 49 percent off its original price, in The Daily Caller Shop.

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