Cynthia Nixon Looking For More Liberal Dems To Run In 2018

David Krayden Ottawa Bureau Chief
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Tony-winning actress and LGBTQ activist Cynthia Nixon wants “bluer,” more liberal Democrats running in elections this midterm year, Politico reports.

Nixon is thinking about challenging New York Democrat Gov. Andrew Cuomo.

The actress accepted the “Visibility Award” Saturday at a Human Rights Campaign Greater New York event. Nixon urged the ultra-liberal crowd at the annual LGBTQ celebration to better define their ideological motivation.

“We have to be more than the anti-Trump party. In 2018, we don’t just need to elect more Democrats, we also need better Democrats,” Nixon said.

Although Nixon has not confirmed any jump into politics and did not criticize Cuomo by name, she expressed dismay in that she thinks the Democrats are losing their way by siding with the establishment, or “the big money interests that fund its campaigns.”

She pleaded for ideological purity: “If we had bluer Democrats, New York wouldn’t have the worst inequality in the country,” she said. “For all the pride that we take here in being such a blue state, New York has the single worst income inequality of any state in the country — how can we know this fact and let it stand without actively working to change it?”

Cuomo was also there and the Human Rights Campaign is supporting his bid for another term as governor — going so far as to herald the Democratic politician as a “national champion” for the gay and lesbian cause. Speaker after speaker found little to praise in President Donald Trump’s record.

“We need to move forward on our equality agenda more aggressively than ever before,” Cuomo said. “I will fight, as governor, every action they take to limit individual rights or roll back our progress.”

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