Democrats Use Illegal Immigrant Activist To Fundraise

Derek Hunter Contributor

The Democrats’ latest fundraising email is signed by an illegal alien.

The email comes from a so-called “Dreamer” named Carlos Adolfo Gonzalez, who claims that he was brought to the country illegally as a child from the Dominican Republic by his mother after the death of his father. Now, 16 years later, according to the email, he wants people to support Democrats because he wants “to come out of the shadows and gain citizenship.”

But, according to his LinkedIn profile, Gonzalez has not been hiding in the shadows. He is currently the Statewide Capacity Building Coordinator for the Pennsylvania Immigration & Citizenship Coalition, a left-wing group advocating for amnesty. Before that, he worked in the United States House of Representatives as Lantos-Humanity in Action Policy Fellow for Democratic California Rep. Michael Honda.

In addition to those jobs, Gonzalez has worked almost exclusively for liberal organizations advancing a progressive agenda, including trying to raise the minimum wage.

Gonzalez writes in the fundraising email, “Today, there are nearly 800,000 Dreamers who are living in fear that we will have to leave our families and our homes. Thousands of people are already losing their protected status and could face deportation.”

“Our most formative years have been spent in this country and it is ours to call home,” he goes on to say.

The email from Gonzalez is not a direct appeal for money for the Democratic Party. Instead, it is a call for the reader to “add your name” to a petition to Congress telling them to pass the DREAM Act.

Screen capture form democrats.org

Once you hit submit on the “petition,” which only asks for you name, email address and zip code, you are brought directly to a donation page.

Screen capture form democrats.org

During the 2016 presidential campaign, the Democratic Party used illegal aliens as “unpaid” campaign workers. The hiring of illegal aliens is against federal law.