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EXCLUSIVE: Stanton Glantz And Ignoring The #MeToo Movement

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Brent Stafford Contributor
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It’s a #MeToo moment. Minus the outrage and heavy on the silence.

The allegations are troubling: sexual harassment, racial discrimination and academic misconduct leveled against 71-year old Dr. Stanton Glantz, the most well-known tobacco control researcher in the world.

Glantz specializes in activist science; bringing fame and fortune to his Center for Tobacco Control Research and Education, which he heads, out of the University of California San Francisco.

The allegations were made public in December in a lawsuit filed by Dr. Eunice Neeley an academic researcher who worked under Glantz at the Center for Tobacco Control Research and Education.

Did UCSF officials hear, believe and support Neeley? And, why is there no outrage coming from vocal moralists within the tobacco control movement?

“Ignoring #MeToo: Glantz Sexual Harassment Allegations Leave Most Silent” from RegWatch:

In the Daily Vaper web extra below, hear Dr. Carl V. Phillips talk about his Daily Vaper article: How Low Will They Go? Deafening Silence from Tobacco Controllers About Glantz Allegations.

Learn about behind-the-scenes efforts to get high-ranking tobacco controllers to publically respond to the sexual harassment allegations made against Dr. Stanton Glantz. Most notably from Ruth Malone, “arguably the second-most influential U.S. tobacco control academic, behind Glantz, and a fellow professor on the same campus.”

WATCH “Chasing Comment,” only on The Daily Vaper:

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