Justin Timberlake Snapping A Selfie With A Kid Proves Again That He’s The Man

(Photo by Christopher Polk/Getty Images)

David Hookstead Smoke Room Editor-in-Chief
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Justin Timberlake let a kid snap a selfie with him during his Super Bowl halftime performance, and it’s more proof that he’s an awesome dude.

Ryan McKenna is the lucky teenager who grabbed the photo. Talk about making one hell of a great memory at the Super Bowl.

I’m a big Timberlake guy. I think he produces great content and he’s very entertaining. There might even be a legit argument to be made that he’s the best entertainer of my generation.

That’s why this moment is so cool. Most entertainers probably wouldn’t have given this kid the time of day. Why would they? They’re used to being swarmed all the time. Timberlake is cut from a different cloth.

The dude is so smooth that he put on an incredible halftime show, and everybody is talking about this selfie instead. That’s when you know you did something pretty awesome. McKenna is getting about as much attention as the game got. I’ll keep being a fan of Timberlake because we need more celebrities like him. Just people that come off as a regular joe.

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