MSNBC’s Katy Tur And Her Twitter Followers Mock Americans Excited Over Tax Cuts And Bonuses

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Derek Hunter Contributor
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To House Democrat Leader Nancy Pelosi and former Chairwoman of the Democratic National Committee Debbie Wasserman Schultz, $1,000 are “crumbs.” But to most Americans, $1,000 is significant and, coupled with lower tax rates, can be the difference-maker between being able to afford important things in life. So when speakers at President Donald Trump’s rally in Ohio talked about what they planned to do with their new windfall, some liberals saw it as an opportunity to mock them for not understanding they were only getting a pittance.

MSNBC personality Katy Tur led the charge, tweeting, “Gentleman at Ohio Trump event says he’s going to save to start a family with his 1,000 dollar one time bonus. Average cost to give birth to one child in Ohio is $5,836.”

Then Tur turned her ire on a woman who wanted to “help” her family, tweeting, “Woman who just spoke says she’s going to use her $1,000 bonus and tax cut to help buy a home and pay for her two kids who are going to college. In Hamilton Co, Ohio (where they are) avg home is $277,582 Avg cost of private college nationally ~35,000 Public $19,000.”

Tur’s followers piled on with her misinterpretation of what the speakers were saying, that more money in their pockets will free them up to do more for themselves and their families, not cover the costs of those things.

The new tax law signed by President Trump lowered the bottom tax rate by 20 percent, from 15 to 12 percent, doubled the individual exemption from $6,000 to $12,000 and doubled the child tax credit. While the bonuses may end up being a one time event, the tax rate reductions will be in place for at least 10 years.