It’s A Sad Day In America Because The Football Season Is Officially Over

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David Hookstead Sports And Entertainment Editor
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Ladies and gentlemen, the party is over and the football season is done.

Last night we all came together to watch backup quarterback Nick Foles play a legendary game to secure a Super Bowl for the Philadelphia Eagles. It was one of the best Super Bowl games I’ve ever seen, but it was the atmosphere that we will miss.


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Football season gave us all a free pass to party every single weekend. It didn’t matter if it was Saturday or Sunday. If football was on the TV then we had the natural right to drink beer, socialize with women we probably have no shot with and just enjoy the experience. As they often say, we just have to trust the process.

I celebrated the Super Bowl by crushing beers with the guys as we watched the game on the big screen. It represented everything right with America. Good people coming together, having some good food, drinking a few drinks and watching the sport that puts America above everybody else.

That’s all over now until the end of August. Dark times are on the horizon. We have March Madness and then pretty much nothing that compares. Sure, the NBA and NHL are pretty tight, but it’s simply not the same as college football or the NFL.

Our beer will taste a little warmer, the days won’t seem as bright, the food will lose its taste and the women won’t be as attractive. This is our reality for the next few months, and there’s nothing we can do about it. Hold your family close, and together, I believe we will endure the months to follow without football. We’ll be back to crushing beers before you know it.

God bless this country and God bless football.

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