Dem Senator On Trump: ‘Maybe He’s Been Watching Too Much North Korean Television’

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Justin Caruso Contributor
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Democratic Rhode Island Sen. Sheldon Whitehouse said on CNN Monday that Donald Trump may be watching “too much North Korean television.”


“I want to quickly turn, before I let you go, senator, to the president’s truly stunning comments in Ohio today calling Democrats un-American and treasonous for not applauding enough during his State of the Union address,” CNN host Wolf Blitzer said. (RELATED: Trump Targets Democrats Who Wouldn’t Stand At State Of The Union — ‘Shall We Call That Treason? Why Not?’)

“What did you think of that comment from the president of the United States?”

“Maybe he’s been watching too much North Korean television,” Whitehouse said.

“Where everybody in the North Korean assembly all stands up and they all clap together automatically whenever the Dear Leader says something. That’s not the way America works. I think that the most un-American thing was what the president said, that there ought not to be dispute or disagreement with him among senators or members of the House of Representatives.”

“I think thats it’s a sign that the noose is perhaps getting a little tight around the White House and they’re starting to get a little bit panicky, because using words like that is very irresponsible and I think a sign of nerves starting to crack over there.”

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