Ben Shapiro Burns Jeff Flake — ‘Your Job At MSNBC Is Already Secure’

Justin Caruso Contributor
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Conservative commentator Ben Shapiro burned Sen. Jeff Flake on Twitter Tuesday after the anti-Trump Republican publicly criticized Donald Trump again.

Shapiro said this in response to this tweet:


Flake attacked Trump over the president’s Monday speech where he joked that Democrats were “treasonous” for not applauding good economic news at the State of the Union speech last week. (RELATED: Trump Targets Democrats Who Wouldn’t Stand At State Of The Union — ‘Shall We Call That Treason? Why Not?’)

Flake said, “If we are numb to such words, then we will surely regret that we failed to defend our colleagues in the Congress against such a vile remark. Our silence will also mark the day that we failed to recognize that this conduct in an American president simply is not normal.” (RELATED: Jeff Flake Attacks Trump Again — ‘Flagrant Disregard For Truth And Decency)

However, Shapiro still didn’t approve of Trump’s comments:

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