Buckle Up: Formula 1 Is The Latest Victim Of PC Culture

(Photo by Mark Thompson/Getty Images)

Jena Greene Reporter
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It’s been a long week since Formula 1 announced it would no longer use Grid Girls in formal competitions, which provoked outrage across the largely male-dominated racing community.

F1 cited “societal norms” as its primary reason for terminating Grid Girls, saying the use of female escorts and models “does not resonate with our brand values.”

So instead of using scantily clad show girls at the start of races, Formula 1 is going to substitute “Grid Kids” in their spot.

“The next generation of #F1 fans will mingle with today’s drivers before lights out in 2018,” Formula 1’s official Twitter announced. “F1 and the @fia have announced that Grid Kids will be featuring this coming season.”

But this move didn’t go unnoticed. Skeptical F1 fans tweeted some pretty angry stuff about the brand’s decision to remove Grid Girls. Some even threatened to boycott F1 entirely.

Last week after F1 announced its decision to remove Grid Girls, outcry from the newly fired models received national attention. Many Grid Girls complained that they were fired without warning and would be forced to seek livelihood elsewhere.

“What people don’t realise, is that the girls have knowledge of the products and teams they are promotion — that’s part of the job. We get a brief on the uniform but it’s up to us if we feel comfortable in it. We are more clothed than what teenagers wear down the supermarkets,” former Grid Girl Michelle Westby said.

It’s probably safe to say that F1’s decision to replace Grid Girls with unpaid kids didn’t go unnoticed. And the wildly unpopular decision may even affect fans’ appetite for the sport.

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