Kurtz: Media Coverage Of Trump A ‘Tsunami Of Negativity’

Amber Athey Podcast Columnist
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Fox News’ resident media analyst Howard Kurtz warned the media that they will lose credibility if they continue to treat every Trump story as if it is the next Watergate.


Kurtz alleged that journalists are allowing their distaste for the president to cloud their objectivity, which is why media coverage of Trump has been so overwhelmingly negative. (RELATED: STUDY: 90 Percent Negative Media Coverage Of Trump In 2017) 

“It means that when you try to figure out why the coverage has been so overwhelmingly negative, a tsunami of negativity, I think it goes beyond ideology because he gets it from the left and right at times, I think it goes to the notion that for many journalists, privately, sometimes publicly, they didn’t think Donald Trump would be president,” Kurtz argued.

“There is something visceral about the fact that he never gets a break,” he continued. “Everything is an 11.”

Kurtz cited some of the sillier anti-Trump stories as proof that the media is “piling on” the president.

“He cheats at golf, he had two scoops of ice cream for dessert, I mean it’s everything … I think there is a sense among people who aren’t necessarily big supporters of president Trump that the press is piling on,” he said. “That I think is a trap for us collectively because we lose credibility.”

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