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Mika Brzezinski Acts Like Joe Scarborough Has Cooties [VIDEO]

Betsy Rothstein Gossip blogger
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If MSNBC TV couple Joe Scarborough and Mika Brzezinski are trying to give SNL something to sketch about, they just need to act like they did Tuesday morning. Which is to say: satire-worthy.

Towards the end of a segment, Joe went crazy went a guest tried to shut everyone else up — pointedly Joe — so Mika could make a point she’d already made.

Soon Joe went to fondle Mika hands and talk about how they’re engaged.

You’d have thought Joe had genital herpes by the way Mika reacted. She flinched. She backed away. She looked at him like ewwwww. She acted like her co-host fiancé had cooties. She acted like “why are we even discussing this on TV?”

The pair came out of the relationship closet last May despite the fact that people knew they were carrying on for years. In November they held a formal engagement party at “Morning Joe” regular Steve Rattner‘s Manhattan abode.

According to Politico, the couple is planning a spring wedding in Nantucket where New York Mag surmised that he’ll probably sing one of the 400 original songs he has written — the ditty he wrote for her is aptly called “Let’s Fall in Love.”

The question that may always lurk in some people’s minds: When exactly was that?

Another uncomfortable question: Will ex-“Morning Joe” regular Mark Halperin — who faced sexual harassment allegations last October and has since be fired from MSNBC and NBC — attend?

In the meantime: COOTIES.