Philadelphia Eagles Players Get A Pretty Nice Bonus Check For Super Bowl Victory

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David Hookstead Sports And Entertainment Editor
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Every Philadelphia Eagles player scored a six-figure bonus for beating the New England Patriots in the Super Bowl.

The players will each get $191,000 for the team’s playoff run, and that doesn’t include any bonus money players negotiated into their contracts, according to TMZ Sports. TMZ also pointed out that the NFL bonuses are substantially less than the MLB, but it’s pretty hard to feel bad for the Eagles players.


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Winning the Super Bowl is pretty sweet to begin with, but it certainly doesn’t hurt to get nearly another $200,000 sent your way. I wonder how quickly these players get these checks. You’d think that they’d spend this money in the blink of an eye if they get handed them on the way out of the stadium. I’m sure they don’t, but it’d be fun to think about.

I’d head straight to the club and buy as much booze as I possibly could, which is a lot with nearly $200,000.

I guess each player will ultimately decide what they do with their money, but you know life is going well when you get a Super Bowl ring and an extra $191,000 to spend.

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