Why Are Super Bowl LIV Odds Out Already?

(Photo by Adam Glanzman/Getty Images)

David Hookstead Smoke Room Editor-in-Chief
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Odds for Super Bowl LIV have been released, which is pretty strange considering the fact the game is two years away.

The following odds were released for the big game in 2020:

  • Eagles +500
  • Rams +700
  • Patriots +800
  • Packers +900
  • Texans +1000
  • 49ers +1200
  • Saints +1300
  • Vikings +1400
  • Steelers +1500
  • Panthers +1700
  • Falcons +1800

I didn’t even realize this was a thing that oddsmakers did, and how dumb of a person would you need to be in order to bet on something that is two years away. That is a lifetime in sports. It’s an absolute eternity. Anything can happen in two years. Players get hurt, traded, production drops off and they retire. Those odds mean absolutely nothing right now, and they shouldn’t mean anything to you.

Gambling is awesome, and I do more than my fair share. However, it’s pretty ridiculous that we’re releasing odds for a Super Bowl that isn’t even the next one on the slate. How about we wait to release Super Bowl LIV odds until after Super Bowl LIII wraps up next year. Is that too much to ask? It really just seems like the oddsmakers are looking to sucker some quick money off of people, which is more than fine. Just don’t expect to get away with it without getting called out.

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