Scarborough: Trump Calling Dems ‘Treasonous’ Could Inspire Violence

Amber Athey | White House Correspondent

MSNBC’s Joe Scarborough worried that President Donald Trump calling Democrats “treasonous” could cause one of his “unhinged” supporters to commit violence.


During a speech in Ohio on Monday, Trump suggested that Democrats could be committing “treason” by refusing to stand during his State of the Union address. (RELATED: Trump Targets Democrats Who Wouldn’t Stand At State Of The Union — ‘Shall We Call That Treason? Why Not?’)

Scarborough noted that treason is “punishable by death under the U.S. code” and that there are “obviously” concerns about an “unhinged” Trump supporter taking matters into their own hands.

“And obviously there are fears of what that may lead some of his more unhinged followers to do,” Scarborough explained. “There are unhinged followers on both sides of the political aisle. This is not just about people who support Donald Trump. But there are people that have no guardrails and they hear this from a leader and violence can happen”

Scarborough fretted that it could lead to another Alexandria incident, where a Bernie Sanders supporter shot Republicans while they were practicing for the annual congressional baseball game.

“It’s just like when he calls the media enemies of the people or when he suggests that congressmen must be stopped. ‘Must be stopped,’ I think that was in a tweet yesterday. Only a couple of months after an unhinged liberal shot the Republican majority whip,” he concluded.

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