The Second Season Of ‘Westworld’ Might Include Six Different Parks

Westworld (Credit: Screenshot/YouTube HBO)

David Hookstead Sports And Entertainment Editor
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It appears that viewers might be taken to multiple different parks in the second season of “Westworld.”

People noticed a link that takes people to a website for Delos Destination, and in the background of the home page is clearly something that appears to be Asian-inspired housing.

The intro reads in part:

The luxury resort, reimagined. Delos Destinations channels your inner desires—be they rest or rebellion—into a transportive theme park experience, a vacation that transcends time, place and expectations. Our immersive worlds integrate inspired technology, provocative narratives, and unprecedented innovation to offer an opportunity that redefines life itself: the chance to change your story.

You can also quickly find the landing page for the six different parks, but you can’t see much outside of the original park.

I have hoped and prayed that we wouldn’t run off on some crazy adventure outside of the initial park. That’s the nightmare scenario for fans everywhere. Nobody wants to run around chasing some story that we didn’t initially show up for.

There’s no guarantee that’s what we’re bound for simply because there’s a website seeming to indicate six different parks. We also know Samauri World was discussed at the end of the first season, which would match up with the background of the home page.

The writers at HBO are smart individuals, and they all know the power of this show’s fanbase. People might start getting worried, but I’m not. I think this is all an elaborate ploy to get the Reddit users fired up, and to get people distracted. At least, I’m hoping that’s what is going on here. I really have zero interest in exploring Samauri World. It’s called “Westworld” for a reason. Now go soak up the trailer for the second season.

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