‘Alarming’ Level Of Support For Italian Fascist Who Went On Anti-Migrant Shooting Spree

Liam Clancy Reporter
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Luca Traini, the Italian fascist who shot and wounded six African migrants Saturday, is receiving an ‘alarming’ level of support from the Italian people, according to his lawyer.

Traini went on a drive-by shooting spree in Macerata, Italy after a Nigerian migrant with expired papers was arrested for dismembering Pamela Mastropietro, an Italian teenager.

According to police, Traini raised a fascist salute when he was arrested, and has a “neo-Nazi tattoo” on his forehead.

Traini was also draped in an Italian flag during the attacks.

Italian politicians condemned the attack, such as Interior Minister Marco Minniti. “It is not permitted for individuals to seek justice alone, even if in this case, there is nothing that recalls a notion of justice,” he said.

But according to Giancarlo Giulianelli, Traini’s lawyer, many in Italy are supportive of the attack.

“Politically there is a problem,” lawyer Giancarlo Giulianelli said Monday. “People stop me to give messages of solidarity for Luca. It’s alarming, but it gives us a measure of what’s happening.”

The mother of the teenager killed by the Nigerian migrant condemned the violence of the attack, but thanked Traini for “lighting a candle for Pamela.”