Watch Justin Trudeau Get Downright Annihilated By A Few Good Canadians

REUTERS/Kevin Light

Jena Greene Reporter
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Justin Trudeau had a big Monday. He kicked it off by mansplaining to a woman that the word “mankind”was offensive and she should used the word “peoplekind” instead.

And then a video surfaced of Trudeau basically calling Canadian veterans greedy for asking too much of the already liberal Canadian government.

Well, the people of Canada aren’t taking too kindly to such accusations.

“For 10 years, that party wrapped themselves in the flag every chance they got,” Trudeau told a crowd, just before he was shouted down by angry Canadian patriots.

One guy even yelled, “Did you run out of coloring books, Trudeau?”

On a scale of 1-Canada, I’d say this breaks the scale. This is peak Canada. Now, I’ll admit. I wouldn’t consider myself an expert in Canadian government — I spend most of my time concerned with powerful countries that actually get things done in the world. But it doesn’t take somebody with a PhD in International Relations to figure out what’s going on here. Canada’s airing out its dirty laundry. They’re having a good old fashioned parliamentary debate and now the whole world has a front row seat to witnessing just how awful Justin Trudeau really is.

And while I tend to consider Canada pretty irrelevant — save its hockey and delicious maple sugar candies — this just boosted its legitimacy score by at least a few points in my book. First, because that one guy is wearing a pretty kickass bow around his neck and looks mighty official. And second, because it proves to me that there are at least a few Canadians who aren’t afraid to fight dirty, boo Trudeau into submission and call him out for being the wimp he is.

No self respecting country votes a creature like this into office.

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