ROGER STONE: Don’t Swalwell That. It’s Covered In Schiff

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Roger Stone Political Consultant
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Aside from a brief interlude for the president’s State of the Union speech, the last two weeks have seen American political discourse consumed almost entirely by a cacophonous spectacle (but not so spectacular cacophony) of brazenly-disingenuous FISA memo spincraft, perpetrated by whirling Democrat dervishes of deception and obeisantly parroted by their corporate media propaganda amen choir.

Out in front of the cameras, leading the Democrats’ FISA memo freakout, pimping for their rat’s nest of political whores and swindlers, peddling their garbage with punchably-smug phony grins, we have the static duo of congressional pygmies , the “glimmer twins” of the looney left Eric Swalwell and Adam Schiff.

The junior of these two scoundrels is Eric Swalwell, a ditzy surfer-boyish-looking political shoplifter and intellectual lightweight from the San Francisco area (yes, I know, shocking).

Swalwell’s only notable achievement in his remarkably-unremarkable three-term congressional career was to win his seat in a primary contest against another doctrinaire leftist Democrat, former Congressman Pete Stark who stayed in the seat until he was literally brain-dead and began attacking his own constituents when they dared to ask him questions.

Stark, like queen Nancy Pelosi and almost every other California Democrat congressional kook, thus parked himself in his seat for so long that he finally had to be forcibly-ejected by a next-generation ideological clone who wasn’t even born until years after Stark was first elected.

Although Swalwell was a lawyer for a few minutes, before launching right into his dream of snatching himself an endless political sinecure, he is hardly the sharpest knife in the Democrat congressional drawer (and believe me, this is saying a lot about how little this clever-by-half huckster has upstairs).

Rounding out the two-man/one-brain scream team, scraped from not even the bottom of the barrel but out of the slime underneath it, is the execrable egghead from (where else?) California who truly puts the “con” in congressional, West Hollywood’s own Adam Schiff a bug-eyed cretin who’s designs on Diane Feinstein’s U.S. Senate seat collapsed when the crumby old doll decided to run yet again.

Schiff is the manic bug-eyed talking points drone with the charming demeanor of a mad scientist serial killer. This smarmy piece of schiff definitely puts the Schiff in schiffty.

Typically, Schiff is a one-man gang of devious misleading sophistry, epitomizing the age of Clintonian power spin. But whenever the left’s anti-Trump jihad starts to heat up and Schiff can’t alone handle all of the lying and slander that needs to be doled out in short order, they bring in Swalwell, the other half-wit from this half-brain trust. This was the case as the FISA memo release began to loom, and the gloom and doom needed a cheerleading diad.

It was Swalwell who had the audacity to charge that Tucker Carlson was “working for Putin” when confronted with his own role in covering up the fact that the FBI and DOJ under Obama had knowingly used fabricated evidence to justify a warrant to utilize the authority and power of the state to spy on the Republican candidate for President.

Recounting and unpacking all of the convoluted nonsense these two con-artists have peddled in whipping up their hysterical FISA frenzy would be an exceedingly-tedious exercise, to which I would never subject my dear readers. A summary will have to suffice.

Schiff floated the following rafts into the media maelstrom:

  • The memo should not be released because the public is not sophisticated enough, “Americans wouldn’t understand it”;
  • The memo’s release is an attempt to “impeach” the entire FBI and House Republicans are “doing their best to tear apart the FBI to protect the president”;
  • The memo’s release could lead the firing of Robert Mueller and Rod Rosenstein (he may be at least half right on this one);
  • The memo’s release would risk a “constitutional crisis” and is a “grave cost for short-term political gain”;
  • Stated (using very slippery hedge language) that, “it is misleading to suggest that the court had no idea that there was a political motivation involved” in the Steele dossier, without substantiating how the court would glean such critically-relevant information, when evidence of it was purposefully withheld by the DOJ in its manipulative, ulterior-motivated applications for the FISA warrants;
  • Accused Chairman Devin Nunes of secretly making “material” alterations to the FISA memo after the Intelligence Committee’s vote to release it;
  • Tweeted that the Nunes’ decision “to release classified information for partisan political purposes crossed a dangerous line”;
  • In a joint letter with Dianne Feinstein, demanded Twitter and Facebook investigate and take action against the #releasethememo social media campaign, cast as “an ongoing attack by the Russian government through Kremlin-linked social media actors directly acting to intervene and influence our democratic process”;
  • Warned that the memo release would increase the risk of domestic terrorism, citing the 1995 Oklahoma City bombing as an example;
  • Warned that the memo’s release could cause intelligence agencies to lose trust in Congress and no longer provide materials bearing on “closely guarded national secrets”;
  • Stated that “[i]ntelligence agencies can no longer be confident that material they provide the committee will not be repurposed and manipulated for reasons having nothing to do with national security”;
  • Stated that “[w]e are accusing the FBI and the Department of Justice here of wrongdoing without giving them any opportunity to be heard.”

It should be noted that Schiff may have committed criminal acts by releasing classified information to the media in his mania to distract from the truth about his and his party’s epic corruption and criminality.

Turning to Eric Swalwell, this failed Cub Scout’s comments are much more unhinged and absurd, on their face, but fewer in number (obviously not many people give a rat’s ass what little Eric has to say, and for good reason):

  • Tweeted that the FISA memo “seeks to torch every floor of the FBI building to protect the President”;
  • Said the memo “is a perversion of the facts to brainwash our members and protect the president”;
  • Repeatedly referred to the document as a “brainwashing” memo;
  • Said of Chairman Devin Nunes: “I think he’s been compromised by the White House. He certainly seems to be willing to risk the republic to protect the president, to risk the rule of law to help the president’s case in the Russian investigation.”;
  • Described the memo as “a book review on a book that Devin Nunes himself has not even read, but they said that the book is full of lies”;
  • Restated the falsehood, with language similar to Schiff’s slippery hedge words, that the FISA court was made aware of the Clinton Campaign origin for the Steele dossier, saying the “truth was disclosed — it was disclosed to the FISA courtroom, that a part of the proof was from a politically motivated supply.”;
  • While on Fox News’s Tucker Carlson Tonight accused the well-regarded, mild-mannered primetime host of being a Russian stooge, in the following exchange:

Carlson: “In the case of today’s memo, what specifically have I espoused that empowers threats to our country?”

Swalwell: “You’re peddling the narrative that the Trump administration is putting out, which also is the Putin narrative, because they’re retweeting this with their Russian bots.”

Carlson: “So I’m working for Putin too? I wonder, if you perceive the total collapse…”

Swalwell: “If you’re on the same side as Wikileaks and Putin, you should take a step back and wonder whose bidding are you really doing?”

Carlson: “I don’t even know what to say. I don’t want to explode on TV so I’m just going to end this segment now. Let the record reflect you’ve accused me of working for a hostile foreign government. We’ll be back soon.”

My hat goes off to Tucker Carlson. His calm and restraint in the face of such hyperbolic garbage from such an impertinent turd was beyond admirable.

Eric Swalwell is a repugnant little fascist who should be crated up and shipped back to California, returned to his former job as a fourth-rate lawyer prosecuting parking tickets.

If Swalwell is what Democrats are passing off as their next generation of “leadership,” a vacuous half-retarded attack poodle who grotesquely slanders anyone daring question his delusional talking points, to include an eminently-courteous, highly-respected national journalist and ratings-winning show host kind enough to give this malicious twerp much-undeserved airtime to spout his dreck, the GOP can certainly rest easy for a good couple of decades.

Shame on the California voters who would inflict these two brain-dead embarrassments, Swalwell and Schiff, on the rest of the country. Truth be told, this appears to be their wont, given the roster of repugnant zealots they constantly elect and re-elect to stink up Congress and vomit their dank bilge into an already-festering D.C. swamp.

The Democrat Party was once the liberal standard bearer of vast social welfare statism, nominally anti-war and pro-civil-rights, advocates of a powerful, expansive national government but critical of law enforcement and intelligence agency abuses. Clearly this Democrat party is long dead.

Between their enamor for police-state-grade corruption (as long as they benefit from it) and their out-of-touch dogmatic militancy, as reflected in their deplorable, self-defeating national embarrassment of a performance at the State of the Union address, it is now abundantly clear to any non-demented American what the Democrats firmly and quite proudly represent.

The Democrat party is now the proud, squealing avatar of abusive, unaccountable authoritarian central government that answers to every whim of its screeching, petty, duplicitous band of pampered avaricious self-dealing political careerists, aided and abetted by bureaucratic lifer minions and a sleazy rent-seeking network of partisan ambulance-chasers headed by an effete, limitlessly-arrogant cabal of Ivy League lawyers operating out of a small few mega-firms. Hardly a diverse rainbow of American ingenuity, to say the least.

Somewhere amid suffering alternating waves of empty-headed Swalwellian Hillarity and painfully-Schiffian nausea, it finally occurred to me that what we do, indeed, have on our hands here is a semi-organized real-world mob of dissolute partisan psychos. No two ways about it, folks.

It is my sneaking suspicion that even the most casual of non-Trump-deranged observers witnessing this pathetic Pelosian political circus and its downright-pathological megalomania is starting to wonder where and when, if ever, this increasingly-tiresome, cynically-contrived, perpetually-pointless display of mass civic malpractice is going to end.

Roger Stone is a legendary Republican political consultant and a veteran of many national Republican presidential campaigns. He’s also the men’s fashion correspondent for The Daily Caller and editor of StoneColdTruth.com.

The views and opinions expressed in this commentary are those of the author and do not reflect the official position of The Daily Caller.