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‘The Hill’ Editor Calls Me ‘The Best Writer In Conservative Media’

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Kevin Krilla Vape Reporter
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Today, Will Sommer, campaign editor for “The Hill,” tweeted out that I was the best writer in conservative media. Whether it be sarcastic or not, I will take it as a compliment. Thank you!

In his tweet, Sommer screenshots a section of one of my recent articles, “What If Trump Started Regularly Vaping In Public“:

What if Trump started vaping in public?

I would say that would be a fantastic idea. The image I have in my head of President Trump just strolling down the street vaping on a nice vape mod kind of makes me laugh. Or even while at his desk in the Oval Office, with his legs up, taking a big puff off of a vape; that would be the picture to take…

A couple thoughts. First, The Daily Vaper is not part of “conservative media” (whatever that phrase even means). Vaping is not conservative, liberal or otherwise. Second, the credit should go to the phenomenal editors we have here. They make me the writer I am.

That said, I am very appreciative of Sommer’s kind words. They validate what I do every day. Spreading the good word on vaping has the ability to save lives, so The Daily Vaper deserves every compliment it gets. I cannot think of a better objective in media (conservative or liberal) than to educate in such a way that is both truthful and beneficial to your readers.

At the end of the day, death doesn’t care if you are a conservative or a liberal. Smokers’ lungs aren’t red or blue; they are black. In the same way, vaping crosses party lines. Although the Democratic Party might be more hostile to this harm-reducing habit than the GOP, vaping reaches over, shakes the hand of its political enemy, and says, “I can help you no matter what you believe.”

I am still waiting for President Trump to pick up a vape, by the way. I might be waiting a while.