We Will Always Defend The Rights Of Attractive Women To Do Whatever They Want

Samantha Hoopes (Credit: Getty Images/Andrew Toth)

David Hookstead Sports And Entertainment Editor
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There isn’t anybody on the entire internet that has taken a stand for women like my team and I have.

I refuse to sit back and let people drag us through the mud because we “objectify” women. That’s a load of garbage. We have stood on our hill time and time again ready to fight to the death in order to defend the rights of women, especially the attractive ones who want to post revealing photos.

Do you see the lamestream media out here advocating for the rights of women to pose in skimpy bikinis on Instagram? Do you see the lamestream media out here demanding that Victoria’s Secret Angels have the God given right to pose topless or naked if they want? Didn’t think so.

We empower and celebrate more women than any other website on the planet, and anybody pretending otherwise is a liar. Who openly praised Britney Spears for being a nerd? That would be us. Who named our site’s two people of the year both incredibly successful, talented and attractive women? Oh, what do you know? That’d be us again with Josephine Skriver and Brittney Palmer. Who has celebrated the badass women of militaries around the world? Oh, that’s still us.

The truth is people see us soaring to the top, they see all the positive attention we get from models, they see on an unstoppable path and it pisses them off.

Well, I guess it just sucks to be them. Nobody has argued on behalf of the hottest women on the planet. That’s simple a fact. You can complain all you want, but it’s a fact.

Are we the real face of feminism? I guess we’ll let the history books decide.

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