Tucker Reveals How Google Spies On You Constantly Through Your Phone

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Justin Caruso Contributor
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Fox News’ Tucker Carlson revealed another exclusive report on Google’s surveillance Wednesday, and the new details are seriously creepy.


In the investigation, Fox News’ Brett Larson travels around Washington, D.C., with two cellphones in his pocket, one of them on airplane mode. Neither of the phones have SIM cards or Wifi connections.

The phones tracked Larson’s locations as he traveled, getting such information as when he got out of the car thanks to a time log that records your movements down to the second.

Even the phone in airplane mode recorded Larson’s movements.


“When you’re using a free online service, you’re probably not the customer, you’re actually the product,” he said.

This is the second exclusive report from “Tucker Carlson Tonight” on Google’s surveillance practices. The first report Tuesday night detailed how Google filed patents to spy on people with cameras and use it to sell you things. The first report also detailed a Google patent to parent children and spy on families. (RELATED: Tucker Exposes Insanely Creepy Google Patents To Spy On You And Parent Your Kids)

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