It’s A Bit Wild How Positively David Koresh Is Portrayed In ‘WACO’

WACO (Credit: Screenshot/YouTube Paramount Network)

David Hookstead Sports And Entertainment Editor
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We got to the halfway point of the Paramount Network’s hit mini-series “WACO” Wednesday night, and it’s really a bit weird how positively David Koresh is portrayed.

Koresh, who is played to near perfection by Taylor Kitsch, is written as a very sympathetic character in the six-part mini-series that is sweeping across the entertainment industry.

This has been the standard since part one. I eventually figured that they would turn the narrative toward his dark side, but we’re not there after getting halfway through the series. Let’s not forget that dozens of women and children died during the Waco siege, and Koresh played the largest role in the whole thing.

It’s really bizarre to me the path the show has taken. The ATF and FBI are not portrayed in good lights at all in this series, while Koresh and the Branch Davidians almost always are. Who would have thought Hollywood and the entertainment industry would have produced such an anti-FBI series at the same time they pretend Trump is a dictator? It makes next to no sense.

Outside of the show painting Koresh as a loving father and hero figure, I actually think it’s an outstanding mini-series. Maybe the turn of the cult leader’s personality is finally here now that the siege has set in. I have no idea. What I do know for sure is that Michael Shannon, who plays the lead FBI negotiator, and Kitsch are both outstanding in this series. I absolutely recommend watching it.

It’s just mind-boggling that in our current climate that Hollywood would prop up Koresh as the good guy in the horrific actions at Waco and paint federal law enforcement agents as the villains. I would not have bet on that at all.

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