Check Out This Video Featuring The Biggest Hit For Every NFL Team

David Hookstead | Reporter

A video was recently uploaded to YouTube showing the greatest hit from every single team in the NFL.

I won’t sugarcoat this for any of you. Some of these hits are absolutely brutal, and shocking. Hearing the crack of some of these hits is unreal.

It’s very weird to think how much opinion has changed on hits in the NFL. Don’t get me wrong. I watched the video, and enjoyed some of the hits. Many of them were the result of great defensive play.

However, times have changed, and I’d argue for the better. We don’t see defenseless receivers coming across the middle getting killed. Player safety is taken a lot more seriously now that we know what we know about concussions and CTE. As somebody who has been hospitalized for many concussions, I can tell you that they’re not a joke. Getting serious head trauma is far from fun or funny.

Still, football is football, and big hits will always be something that fans gravitate towards. You simply can’t change the DNA of the fans.

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