In True Philly Form, The Eagles Wrecked The Parade Attire Game

Jena Greene | Reporter

Today is the second best day of the year for the city of Philadelphia (the first being last Sunday, of course) because the Eagles are having their Super Bowl LII parade.

And if you expected it to resemble anything close to normalcy, well you probably haven’t been paying attention this week. Just last weekend, victorious Philly fans singlehandedly destroyed their city within a matter of hours.

Anyways, the Eagles parade today did share some similarities to other Super Bowl parades – there were champagne, vehicles, and screaming fans. But this one had a certain flavor. Maybe it was onions.

Chris Long showed up in a 76ers jersey and a full length fur coat.

And Eagles center Jason Kelce showed up as a half-cocked mummer.

He hopped off the float to sing fans a little song he’d written: “no one likes us, we don’t care.”

He even rode a cop’s bike and gave him an autograph, all while holding a beer can in his mouth.

Never change Philly. Never ever change.

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