Georgetown Recruit Mac McClung Is A 6’2″ Dunking Machine

David Hookstead | Reporter

Georgetown basketball recruit Mac McClung is going viral for his unreal bounce.

McClung, who is only 6’2″, recently went between the legs in a game on the fast break, and it’s incredible.

Few things are more entertaining in basketball than when a scrawny white dude is able to dunk. Most of us are relegated to shooting 30 foot jump shots and watching in awe as everybody else dunks. It’s a sad reality that I’ve lived my whole life.

That’s why I love this kid. Obviously, he appears to be playing against garbage competition in high school, and the vast majority of his moves will be useless at the next level. Apparently boxing out must be illegal in high school these days. That doesn’t mean we can’t soak up McClung’s athletic ability while we’re here.

It’s incredibly impressive. The kid has more bounce than a trampoline. It’s going to get even more fun to watch when this guy gets to Georgetown and finds out that college big men will spill blood before allowing a skinny dude to come flying down the lane. I guess we’ll just have to enjoy it while it lasts.

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