Tucker Has Jaw-Dropping Interview With ‘Feminist’ Supporter Of Hijab

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Justin Caruso Contributor
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Fox News’ Tucker Carlson had a stunning interview Thursday with Sonia Ossorio of the National Organization for Women over hijabs being sold at Macy’s.


“I’ll tell you what’s a big part of women’s liberation, is making sure that the Trump administration does not roll back our rights to full reproductive healthcare,” Ossorio claimed.

“Oh, right, abortion, right,” Tucker said.

“I go to work every day to think about how to close the wage gap,” Ossorio said.

The Daily Caller co-founder said, “I’m starting to think maybe you care more about identity politics than women. I‘m just throwing that out there. I mean, if you’re endorsing the hijab, maybe it’s not really about women, has that occurred to you?” (RELATED: ‘Loathsome Little Demagogue’: Tucker Rips Apart Sanctuary City Supporter [VIDEO])

“I’m not endorsing–the only thing I’m endorsing today with you and with all of your viewers is that discrimination is alive and well for women in this country.”

“Yeah, I’ve noticed, in the form of the hijab, for example, just to name one,” he shot back.


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