When Biden Asked If Hillary Clinton Was A Good Candidate – He Brings Up… Colin Kaepernick?

Benny Johnson Columnist, Viral Politics
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Andrea Mitchell asked Joe Biden if he thought Clinton was a good candidate in an interview on MSNBC Thursday.

“Would she have won if she were a better candidate?” Mitchell asked. Biden dodged the question multiple times, blaming Comey and the Russians for Clinton’s loss.

When pressured again if Clinton was to blame for the loss, Biden said:

I think what happened was something we’ve never seen in American politics. The vast majority of people in and out of public life and the press thought that he had disqualified himself 15 times, you know, by the things he said about his groping women.

Then, Biden was able to work in Trump’s campaign against NFL kneelers this past year to defend Hillary not being able to discuss issues on the campaign trail.

Think about it. When he started losing the fight in the floor of the House and the Senate on health care, what did he do? He started talking about taking a knee in a football game, Kaepernick, and these distracting initiatives, which you think would be disqualifying issues for this candidate, seem to work for him.

Biden went on to say that Hillary could never “get to the subject matter” in an argument with Trump.