These Strong Grips Keep Your Hands Free When Carrying Heavy Groceries

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Do you often find yourself struggling to walk from the store to your car or home because of heavy groceries? Are you sick and tired of missing a call, fumbling with keys, or even hurting yourself due to cumbersome bags? With the Grocery Gripps Carrier, you can eliminate the hassles caused by overstuffed bags in your life with an ergonomic and simple way of distributing the weight elsewhere.

Normally $15, Grocery Gripps are 19 percent off

Normally $15, Grocery Gripps are 19 percent off

Grocery Gripps Carrier on sale for $11.99

Here is how it works. Thread your Gripp through bag handles and bring the fasteners together. Then, carry all your bags with comfort and ease by sliding your wrist through the Gripp. If that does not suit your style, just cinch the ends of your Gripp and pull tight to carry it on your shoulder. Last but not least, effortlessly carry your bags for long periods of time and distances without any discomfort!

Grocery Gripps are 100 percent ergonomic, hands-free, and durable. Meaning, they are easy to use, convenient, and are rated at more than 200 pounds of tensile strength. Plus, you will always have your hands-free when using them, so you can take calls, unlock your car or door, and carefully watch whatever you are doing without any struggle. Coming in four colors — black, pink, blue, or forest green — Grocery Gripp lends a helping hand when you need one the most.

Snag a Grocery Gripps Carrier for $11.99, 19 percent off its original price, in The Daily Caller Shop.

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