TheDC Newsroom: CNN’s New Analyst Is A Comey Shill

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It’s Friday, February 9, 2018, and it’s time to go inside The Daily Caller Newsroom, where reporters Saagar Enjeti and Joe Simonson have published an investigative report on CNN’s new law enforcement analyst.


It’s not a good look for CNN. The Daily Caller News Foundation reports exclusively that former FBI agents are questioning why CNN would hire Josh Campbell, someone with just 10 years of law enforcement experience. (READ HERE: Why Did CNN Hire Comey’s Former Assistant Josh Campbell?)

Enjeti breaks down the exclusive report on today’s episode of the Newsroom, including how he obtained an official flyer for a goodbye party, where Campbell plainly said he was going to work for CNN to “defend the bureau.”

Enjeti, with host Vince Coglianese, also takes you behind the scenes of how he tracked down Campbell’s online history, where he has repeatedly fawned over former FBI Director James Comey, and over CNN itself.

“I would describe him as a lackey,” Enjeti told Coglianese. “Turns out that this guy is James Comey’s former assistant, that he was flacking for Comey while he was in the FBI. This is unheard of. He wrote an op-ed defending Comey while he was a GS-13 low-level bureaucrat in the FBI, and spent over a month fawning over CNN on Twitter while he was in the bureau.”