17 Non-Romantic, Feel-Good Movies To Watch On Valentines Day

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If you’re going to be concerned about the empty flower vase on your windowsill or the lack of notifications on your phone this Valentine’s Day, the last thing you need is to watch another sad, unrealistic rom-com.

What you need is a feel-good movie. The best feel-good movies make you laugh, cry, and make realizations about life all within the span of about two hours. For this reason, most feel-goods are dramas. They are well-written stories often based on or inspired by real historical events that cover a large span of emotions.

While watching a rom-com on Valentine’s Day will likely have you feeling depressed about being single or stuck in an unhappy relationship or even just guilty for being the loser who watches rom-coms on Valentine’s Day, a feel-good drama will have the opposite effect. By the time you finish one of the movies on our list, you’ll be inspired by life and the art of storytelling and ready to start your Thursday on a positive note. So, without further ado, here’s our list of 17 sap-less movies to watch this Wednesday.